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Car Windshield Replacement

The moment you realize that you need car windshield replacement your heart sinks. How much is this going to cost? How long is this going to take? Will my insurance cover the new windshield? Will the Windshield Glass Replacement be as high quality as the original? All of these things go through your head.

Avondale Mobile Auto Glass is here to help. If you call us, we will answer all of your questions without pressuring you to go with us over the other guys.

Our team members are certified experts in car windshield replacement. Once they get started on a job, it takes them about an hour on average to remove the old glass, clean and prep the frame for your new seal, and then install the new piece of equipment.

The best part is you won’t have to come to us. We’ll deliver our service to your door (or wherever you need as long as it is in the area). We choose to only work with Original Equipment Manufacturer glass on newer vehicles and the highest quality Original Equipment Equivalent glass on older vehicles that are no longer in production.

In many cases, your insurance company will cover the cost. We can even help walk you through the process of filing the claim.

Our shop is known for our accurate and transparent quotes as well as the fact that we have the highest quality assurance around. We even back our work with a full guarantee. You likely still have questions, so give us a ring. We are open seven days a week to assist you.

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